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Craft Bowls Smoked Turkey Gumbo, comfort food at its best
Craft Smoked Turkey Gumbo

Smoked Turkey Gumbo, comfort food at its best

The Craft Smoked Turkey Gumbo has Andouille sausage, crawfish, crab, and, of course, smoked turkey over rice. Sit down with us in front of the fire pits and enjoy this deliciousness for a while.

Craft’s Smoked Turkey Gumbo is a delicious and flavorful Creole or Cajun dish that combines elements of traditional gumbo with the rich and smoky flavor of smoked turkey. Gumbo is a popular stew or soup based in the southern United States, particularly in Louisiana, and it’s known for its hearty and diverse ingredients. Our gumbo includes a combination of turkey, sausage, crawfish, crab, and a roux-based sauce, all served over rice.

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